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ATC off-road rides in wonderful natural places.
Bungee jumping
Bungee jumping: jumping in the open, tied by the legs with an elastic rope whose width depends on the jumper's weight.
Flying with an authorized and experinced instructor pilot, under maximum security conditions, right from the Postavaru peak.
Rafting implies navigating rough mountain waters using special boats.
Rasnoavel Keys are mountain corps and beginner climbers' favourite location for training.
Rapelling: descending a steep slope which allows rapelling al various heights.
Via ferata Small
Via ferratta small - a route equipped with steel cables, expansion bolts,  and labbers to surmount difficult sections.
Via ferata
Trail equipped with metal steps and safety cable for people of good or average fitness.
Balance test
Crossing a steep slope using two superposed and pre-tensioned steel cables between Rasnoavei Keys.
The zip-line - crossing a natural obstacle on ropes or cables, using climbing techniques.

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